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Band Saw Machine Feature


Band saw machine mainly applies to solid wood, chipboard, fiberboard, artificial board, plastic sheet and aluminum alloy sheet.
Features of band saw machine:
1. Cut wood saws into uniform length pieces, such as for single board processing industry and transportation industry. The single-board manufacturer generally buys logs of length of 2000mm or 2600mm, and can be used to be the log of the length of 970mm or 1270mm by sawing the automatic sawing machine.
2. Automatic feeding, automatic sawing, and sawing blade;
3. For logs less than 30 centimeters in diameter, the daily output is as high as 200 square logs;
4. Efficient and fast, easy to operate, saving labor. One man can operate the sawing timber.
5. Automatic feeding device can be used to send two pieces of log back to the machine or rotary cutting machine.

band saw machine