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Automatic Band Saw Machine Manufacturer


Automatic band saw machine has a fully enclosed design, with the suction device, and the suction device connection can make the ideal dustproof effect, is the most ideal choice in the dustfree workshop. Suitable for straight line or curve saw cutting various wood plates and artificial wood boards or other non-metallic soft materials. Sawing Angle 45 ° 0 - within the scope of any adjustment, can also be used in the path of wood cut. The saw blade, saw wheel and belt movement are all in the cover, ensure the safe and reliable work.
Main features
1. The main use: the machine is generally applied to the original wood sawing, the first working procedure of cutting building decoration and furniture, also can detailed requirements of the material, precise cutting of the wooden line, when need can also larger cutting circular arc curve embryo.
2. Features: can be rough machining, can also be fine processing of wood, is a modern is used more common function better woodworking band saw, and easy to operate, modelling beautiful, generous, is the most ideal equipment for wood factory.

automatic band saw machine