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Bamboo Barbecue Stick Making Machine With Factory Price


This bamboo barbecue stick making machine is mainly used to make fresh bamboo into the bamboo toothpicks, bamboo sticks and BBQ skewer.
These bamboo barbecue stick making machine can process the fresh bamboo into the bamboo toothpics, bamboo sticks and so on in different sizes or shapes according to the real requirement.

1.This bamboo barbecue stick production line including 6 sets machine.
2.The capacity is 300,000-400,000 pcs/8hour.That is 100-250kg dry bamboo stick. 
3.It needs 3-5 persons to operate the machine.Both men and women are available. 
4.It adopts industrial voltage 380V and consumes about 10 kw/h.
5.If you want to improve the capacity,you just add one No.7 sharpening machine. The capacity can be double.
6.The specification of the bamboo bbq stick is usually 2.5-3.0mm wide and 150-300mm long.
7.Generally speaking,100kg fresh bamboo can be made into 20,000-40,000 pcs bamboo stick .It is about 10-18 kg dry bamboo stick.

barbecue stick making machine