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Bamboo Barbecue Stick Machine Manufacturer In China


We can provid bamboo or wood bbq stick machine.according to your raw material,wood or bamboo.we will design machinne line for you.
The various types of available round timber,square timber sand small wood shall be process into the dryer square wood board length of 500mm,width of 60mm,thickness of 32-34mm ,which can be used to make the chopsticks by our machine line.then you can put the materials of wood board of length:500mm width 60mm thickness 32-34mm into our following 1 to 5 machines to process into chopsticks.

The production line includes machines listed below:
1.Bamboo dissection machine
2.Fixed thickness and width slicer
3.Bamboo filament shaping machine
4.Bamboo filament set-size machine
5.Rolling polishing machine
Our machine can also made BBQ skewer stick,incense stick.swab stick etc.
The capacity for the machine line is 800,000pieces per 8 hours,about 100kg toothpicks.

bamboo barbecue stick machine