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The Chopstick Machine Factory Said The Chopsticks Legend


Chinese have always been very traditional use of chopsticks, chopsticks are very important in our life. As long as we are eating and eating Chinese food, we are basically inseparable from chopsticks. Traditional Chinese people have very strong feelings about the chopsticks produced by chopsticks. Instead of getting used to the knife and fork used by westerners, today, the chopsticks machine factory said the legend of chopsticks.
Legend has it that king zhou is temperamental, when eating is not to say that fish is not fresh, that is to say, the chicken soup is too hot, and sometimes it is said that the dishes are cold and can not be used. As a result, many chefs became the ghost of his sword. She knew he was hard to serve, so she had to have a taste of the wine every time she set it, so that the king would not be so salty and angry.
At one time, da had tasted a few bowls of food too hot, but it was too late to change it, because king zhou had come to the table. Da ji himself was pleased with the king, and he was so eager to get the food that he put the vegetables under his head. He blew and blew, and then sent the dishes to the king's mouth. King zhou was a shameless and shameless, and he thought that it was a pleasure to feed on the food of the food of the food of da himself, so he asked for it every day. It is the first time that the artisans have made the two long jade hairpin dishes specially designed for her. Later this kind of the way of the dish spread to the folk, produced the chopsticks.
This legend, unlike the first legend, is full of mythological colors, and is closer to life, which has some practical meanings, but is still highly legendary and inconsistent with historical facts. Archaeologists in anyang Hou Guzhuang shells tomb unearthed in 1005 steel chopsticks (chopsticks), earlier than zhou Yin of textual research on the s of the late king zhou era, obviously, the chopsticks are neither king zhou invention, nor da ji creation, should be the product of the earlier.
This is a relatively close to life legend, not so many strange colors, said the comparison of life, the comparison of the plain. However, it is not considered that this is a reason for the invention of chopsticks, which should belong to a legend, as the chopsticks have been documented in more literature in the previous era. Chopsticks machine factory provides high quality toothpick machine, chopstick machine, bamboo swab. Welcome to inquire.

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