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Chopsticks Machine Factory Talk The Chopsticks Little Common Sense


Chopsticks, I believe everyone not unfamiliar, three meals a day are used to it, like to use chopsticks is born will be a skill, is exposed to others at an early age to use chopsticks, oneself also will be simpler to use, so, chopsticks have history for a long time, so what's the clean small coup, chopsticks today let vendors would say chopsticks little common sense.
If there is a non-bamboo or wood stain on the chopsticks, it is likely that the chopsticks are moldy and can not continue to be used. Smell the chopsticks if they are sour. If they have a strange smell, they can not be used. The chopsticks appear bent and deformed, indicating that they have been damped or shelved for too long and have passed the expiration date; The repeated use of chopsticks should minimize the clash, reduce the surface of the chopstick wear and the pit, prevent food residue, grease, detergent residue, provide the place for the breeding of bacteria.
These problems can replace chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks is very good choice, nonpoisonous and harmless, it is also very environmental protection, affordable price, of course, wooden chopsticks is also very good, especially the original color of the wooden chopsticks, the choice of family storage chopsticks must be kept upright, choose chopsticks box of hollow out, not at the bottom of the water is the best, and often do the cleaning and disinfection. Have the need toothpick machine, chopstick machine, bamboo signing machine can call the consultation factory.

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