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Cost Of Toothpick Making Machine


Toothpick making machine for the production of bamboo toothpicks and wooden toothpicks, the entire set of equipment from 8 or 10 machines. In addition, the machine can also be used to produce wooden sticks, bamboo sticks, incense sticks, barbecue sticks, chopsticks, etc., from raw materials to finished products.
You can make two different toothpicks, such as sharp ends and sharp ends. And the toothpick size can be adjusted, every 8 hours can produce 800000 ~ 1 million toothpicks, only 4-5 people labor, a large yield.
By replacing some of the machines, it will be bamboo incense machine, woody machine, bamboo chopsticks machine, chopsticks machine, bamboo barbecue stick machine, wooden barbecue stick processing production line.
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toothpick making machine