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Cotton Swab Machine Price


The cottonb swab machine is widely used in cotton swab production.and the cotton swab size is adjustable.

Features :

1.The machine adopt the PLC control,the best drying way,hot air technology.
2.The cotton swab drying in the process of production, uses vacuum suction manipulator for automatically packing.The machine can achieve a series of production process: From put into cotton strip,broken cotton strip,cotton swab molding, drying, packing
3.The enquipment save time,save human resources(only needs one worker), thus it improves production efficiency of the manufacturer.It is avoid unsanitary and inaccurate
4.It is fit for automatically packing different square box,plastic bag,round tin ect.Based on different packaging,packing jig and type is also different.
5. It can produces medical cotton swab, make up cotton swab and baby cotton swab.
6. Robotic arm to catch and order the cotton buds ,put cotton buds into box or bag by hand
7. make different kind of presentation: plastic bag,box. Round plastic container square plastic container.

cotton swab machine