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Development Of Chopsticks China


The history of mankind is the history of evolution. With the improvement of food and cooking methods, its eating utensils have evolved. To handle the prey, primitive society, everyone in the neolithic age, our ancestors were eating most of the cooking method, staple food with boiled into porridge, rice bean counters vegetables meat burn into a juicy piece of water, eat porridge with Bi, make food eat meat from the soup spoon is extremely convenient, and with chopsticks take leaves food is handy, so the rites · QuLi said, "piece of food with carry, don't have to carry their food." Zheng xuan "the threat, the Chinese people." It can be seen that the new Stone Age soup is the vice mainstream, the spoon is extremely inconvenient, and it is impossible to grasp the thin and thin soup with the hand, so the chopsticks become the most ideal tableware.
In a word, the emergence of the chopsticks is not isolated. In the middle of the neolithic period, the key was found in the ruins of yangshao culture. When history advance to the late neolithic age, man's wisdom had certain development, living conditions have improved, also with Bi key already can not adapt to the evolution of cooking, eating chopsticks are accord with trend. However, in the xia dynasty of 4,000 years ago, the chopsticks were still in embryo, and after hundreds of years of evolution, the shang and tang dynasties gradually formed a small stick with the same length and length. Then, in the end of the shang dynasty, king zhou ordered the elephant sawtooth to be made like a chopsticks in order to satisfy the noble and noble life of his own king.
Since the history of the birth of the chopsticks is not recorded, it can only be traced back to the generation of the chopsticks based on the deduction and circumstantial evidence of some experts, but we believe that the occurrence of the chopsticks is the inevitable result of the historical push.
Our ancestors invented chopsticks for food. The Chinese nation began a farming lifestyle early on, and the main crop was the adaptable millet (millet). Millet food has two characteristics, one is the small grain, the two is the rough outer skin is not easy to be removed. In the first time, our ancestors might be to grain (millet) mash cook porridge to eat, often also doping some wild vegetables, the leaves like boiled together, in order to improve the taste, and save food. According to some research, the original meaning of the word "tea" is porridge with wild vegetables and leaves. To this day, there is also a food called "oil tea" in the northwest. The flour is Fried with the oil and mixed with some sweet almonds, which can be washed with hot water. Here, the word "tea" in the word "oil tea" is the original meaning of its use. Guangdong people still call breakfast "early tea" and actually use "tea" to be closer to the original meaning. In the hunan dialect, "eat" reads "cha" and is very close to the word "tea". In some parts of north China, "porridge" is called "sticky porridge". Similarly, "wipe" and "tea". All these phenomena indicate that "tea" was originally a kind of food. Tea is more difficult to eat, among which the vegetables and leaves may interfere with the flow of tea, which is not easy to import. This is the key to our ancestors' invention of chopsticks.
In the west, the first people were nomadic, and the food was cooked and cooked meat, which could be cut into small pieces to eat in the hand. The main food in India is rice, which is easy to shell, can be boiled and cooked, and can also be eaten by hand. The daily food of our ancestors is tea, which is a kind of sticky and semi-liquid food, which cannot be eaten by hand, nor can it affect the wild vegetables and leaves that influence the food. There might have been a clever ancients trying to get a little stick or something like that to try to put a wild or leaf in the entrance, which is the original form of the chopstick. Chopsticks are first known as "chopsticks" and the traditional Chinese characters are "Chinese". From the pronunciation and glyphs, it can be seen that the most primitive function of chopsticks is to help eat, not a necessary eating tool. But there was little wooden skewers, can't call it chopsticks, chopsticks are called chopsticks, is mainly for the technology of the people must have to use chopsticks, use chopsticks technology will be expected to after a hard practice to master. Our ancestors found a way to impart the leaves of wild vegetables, such as small wooden sticks, in order to imitate them, and finally fixed the number of sticks to two. Practice makes perfect, ancient people use small wooden skewers skill is higher and higher, until the two stick son makes swoop, surprisingly flexible, as his fingers chopsticks was born. Here, I define chopsticks as two sticks and their use skills.