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Why Do Paper Pencil Business?


The product introduction raw material, the market big. As we all know, lead is a disposable consumer goods, with a great amount of consumption and a great market. With the implementation of the national natural forest conservation project, the wooden lead + pen industry is struggling. So use recycled paper instead of wood, the production of environmental protection lead 1 pen are imperative, the raw material of paper-made pencils for recycled paper, recycled paper source is wide, so the cost significantly lower than the wooden pencils, the price is a magic weapon to competition, so the paper pencil has the absolute price advantage. Besides, the pencils belong to low price and disposable consumer goods, and the market will never dry up, which can be operated permanently and bring huge benefits to the producers. The four advantages of paper roll pencil: 1. 2 costs less than wooden pencils; 3. Good performance in wood rod pencil; 4 production process is simple. Product attribute pen machine made lead, the pen has the core, not living core, unbiased core, pattern all... Each integrated cost is about 3 cents, and the market price is 2 to 3 jiao each, with statistics: one school-age child consumes lead every year. Pen around 30, combined with other aspects of the pencil, a 300000 - person lolipop the most is worth spending in 200-200 cigarettes every year, and most areas have no production factory, the market potential is tremendous, delivery can production with investment of thousands of yuan, the reactants (waste newspapers, books, paper). If small processing plants, plant 20 square meters, with 220 v power supply, 1 workers, daily output can reach more than 20000 function use automatic environmental lead, pen machine, automatic feeding, automatic send lead, automatic glue, automatic roll bar, around 2000 per hour. Other shows that our company produces the paper pen with no paper core environmental protection, no loose core and core, easily cut plane, etc, the lead, such as HB, 2 b and 4 b graphite core, and can produce various specifications of lead to the user - pen and pen.

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