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High Quality Tongue Depressor Production Line


Tongue depressor production line is suitable for producing ice cream sticks, wooden spoon and tongue depressor,etc.

1.Cooking machine:frist,you should cook the log up to 80o~100oC for 3-4 hours
2.Rotary cutting machine:cut the log into thin board then put in to Carve Cutting Machine
3.Carve cutting machine:put the board which processed by rotary cutting machine into this machine,then you can get the finished product with different sizes,by changing the moulds in the machine
4.For the chamfering machine:it is used for embellishing the finished product line.
5.For the selecting machine:it can select the finished product which from carve cutting machine,if the finished product is curving,thin,and also remove the dust in the products.
6.For the bundling machine:it can bunld the finished product to a bould of 50 pcs
7.For the knife sharpening machine:It is used for sharpening the knifes in the machine.

tongue depressor production line