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How Choose Wood Toothpick Production Line?


The wood toothpick production line including the wood toothpick machine and bamboo toothpick machines.toothpick machine is composed of 7 machines which is used for producing wooden and bamboo toothpicks from square timber to finished products.

The toothpick machines are used for producing bamboo toothpicks or wood toothpicks.the complete equipment consist of 8-11 machines.some of them are optional according to your actual situation. you can make two different kinds of toothpicks.one-end-sharp and two-end-sharp.you can make one of them just change one machine only.and the size of the toothpick can be adjustable,the machines can produce 700000-1000000 pieces toothpick every 8 hours by 4-5 labors.

This set of wood toothpick making machines need 4-6 workers to operate.
The size of the finished toothpicks can be with diameter 2.2 mm and the length 65mm, the minimum capacity is 500000 pcs/8 hours.
The capacity can be customized, if to replace the #7 machine with sharpening machine, the output can be 600000 pieces/ 8 hours.
Need to preprocess the wood into 140/105/70/30cm length,6cm width and 3.5cm thickness firstly.

wood toothpick production line