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How Use Cotton Swab Making Machine?


1. Preparation and inspection
(1) connect the power of 380V and check whether the host has working resistance (no load).
(2) put the cotton swab on the hopper
(3) glue (actually, it's a mixture of glue and water, and check for the piping and water that it's ready for, and we recommend glue: water = 1:20 or 150)
(4) check whether the outside network is ready for installation, if the mesh belt is tight and wrinkly.
(5) to send lap feeding structure (we recommend that users to flip back and forth on the cotton feeding gear, to check whether can successfully cotton feeding, feeding structure can't stuck, and adjust the cotton ball speed governor, in order to achieve the corresponding speed).
Please remember that!
Before beginning to crush the system, please do not put a large amount of cotton roller into the hopper of the broken system, as it will cause the machine to get stuck, thus damaging the broken system.
Keep in mind that if you clean or maintain the machine while working on the shredding machine, it may cause a worker accident.
If you confirm the above project, you can start the machine.
2. Start the machine
(1) to start the host , then began to feed the stick.
(2) start the cotton roller crushing system.
(3) cotton feeding system ƒ, adjust the feed rate, according to the requirements of cotton machine equipped with automatic starting equipment will automatically start cotton feeding system at work, when you turn off the cotton feeding system, the machine will stop automatically.
3. Stop the machine
The step is the opposite of starting a machine
(1) first, please turn on the rotary switch (warming)
(2) Stop cotton and glue.
(3) press the switch to stop the crushed cotton
(4) press the switch  to stop feeding the stick
If there is any emergency, press SCRAM, and then all the structures will stop working.
cotton swab making machine