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High Quality Round Stick Making Machine


The round stick making machine adopts automatic feeding, automatic return two functions, the material in the processing of traditional round rods (shovel, mop) at the same time, and increase the function of making wood 杄 rod, this equipment is mainly used for shovels, hoes, wood 杄, mop and production tools in the wood of workers and peasants, and furniture decoration, decoration used round wood
Ensure the quality of the products
1. Ensure the quality management system is in enterprise
Effectively implement and implement the requirements and behaviors of the work, and ensure the quality of the products to meet the technical standards and users' requirements.
2, in the whole process of product manufacturing, strictly to good quality, seriously in accordance with the contract, the technical files and relevant standard specification for inspection, unqualified products are not out of the company, and accept the user or entrust a third aspect of the supervision and inspection.
3. Responsible for the quality of the products provided.
Ensure production progress and timely supply
1. Strictly comply with the time delivery stipulated in the order contract, earnestly fulfill all requirements and clauses in the contract specification, and not delay the delivery date unless force majeure.
2. In the process of production, if the buyer needs to postpone or change the situation due to the design and site construction reasons, the company will make timely and timely adjustment.
3. After the production of the product is completed, we will carefully check the product, and make the packaging, shockproof and damp-proof work in accordance with the different conditions of the products, and do the on-site acceptance and handover work. Deliver the goods to the delivery site according to the user's requirements and inform the buyer in time.
Ⅲ, guarantee to provide quality after-sales service
1. The quality problems caused by our company in the manufacturing process can be solved by our company during the warranty period.
2, quality assurance period from the quality problem of the user response, whether caused by our company are active assistance to solve, and guarantee the handling opinions within 24 hours, if you need the handle to send service personnel to solve the problem in time, to user satisfaction as the standard, to ensure that the profit, improve the credibility of enterprises.
3. Set up production testing and technical documents for the product, ensure that each batch and product is traceable, so as to prepare the query. Visit users regularly, pay special attention to the feedback and evaluation of users, constantly improve and improve service measures.

round stick making machine