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Tongue Depressor Making Machine Price


The tongue depressor making machine can be used to produce ice cream bar, tongue depressor, coffee mixer and matchstick, and replace the die with the cutting machine.
"Tongue plate" is made up of rotary cutting machine, ice cream bar, ice cream bar dryer, ice cream bar, ice cream bar, ice cream bar, etc
Wood log rotary cutting machine is mainly used for the production of ice cream bar and tongue press, which meet the requirements of wood and carton.
Wooden ice cream bar is a versatile tool for processing ice cream bar, tongue depressurizer, coffee agitator and matchstick.
Ice cream bar dryer is mainly used to blow dry tongue depressurizer to dehydrate the tongue.
The wooden ice cream bar selection machine can choose the finished product selected from the cutting machine. If the finished product is bent or thin, it can also remove the dust from the product.
A brand machine is used to print a trademark or text on an ice cream stick or tongue.
The bundling machine is efficient and can bind the finished product to 50 PCS.

tongue depressor making machine