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The Toothpick Machine Factory Telling You Wrong Ways Use Toothpick Damage


Toothpicks are usually made from wood or bamboo, and are a tool used to remove residual residue from the teeth after eating normally. Toothpicks are an important tool for oral cleaning. Modern China has a history of more than 2,000 years. It is small and convenient to use.
But if you can't use your toothpick correctly, it can have a bad effect on your body.
1. The toothpick should use that sealed, protective. Sterilizing and managing random toothpicks are rich in tens of thousands of bacteria, and the use of these toothpicks will allow bacteria to enter the mouth and into people's bodies through toothpicks. So don't use dirty toothpicks at random. Especially old people and children, the resistance is not good, should pay more attention to this problem. To buy a good toothpick from a reputable manufacturer, a good, safe toothpick
2. Don't overuse toothpicks, the regular use and improper use of toothpicks will cause periodontal disease. Do not use the optional toothpick to slide in the mouth without the phenomenon of stuffing or no foreign body in the mouth. Otherwise, it can cause gingivitis, gingival atrophy, and increase of the gap between the teeth, leading to periodontal disease. Do not insert toothpicks into the middle of your teeth, which will increase the gap between the teeth and cause periodontal disease.
Don't have anything to worry about with a toothpick in your mouth. Many hospitals say they will encounter patients because they have their toothpicks in their mouths, because some of them accidentally swallow their stomachs and puncture their internal organs. Emergency surgery is needed to remove the toothpick. So if there's no foreign body in your mouth, don't just hold the toothpick in your mouth.
So in order to be healthy for yourself and your family, you should pay attention to these situations when using toothpicks, and not because of some small human body.