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Bamboo Toothpick Production Line Sold to Nigeria


This month Nigeria customers purchase our bamboo toothpick production line.  Now our equipment will arrive customer's port.
This bamboo toothpick production line including 10 stes machines.
1. Raw Bamboo Sawer
2. Split the Bamboo
3. Width Slicer
4. Small Layering Machine
5. Bamboo Wool Slicer
6. Precise Cutting Machine
7. Toothpick Polishing Machine
8. Toothpick Sharpening machine
9. Knife Sharpening Machine
10.Toohpick Packing Machine
Why Make Toothpick From Bamboo?
Bamboo is an ideal material for toothpicks, because it has great flexibility. For bamboo, it can be made into a variety of products, such as high value-added products: bamboo floors/bamboo furniture boards. For toothpick production, chopstick making, barbecue sticks, it is the basic use of bamboo. The market for toothpicks is large and is widely used throughout the world.
Replacing wood with bamboo is environmentally friendly and can help reduce the pressure on wood forests.

toothpick machine