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Magical Toothpick - Toothpick Machine


Toothpick is a frequently used a tool in our lives, people use it to teeth after meal, there are also many people have misunderstood on toothpick, felt teeth will have bad effect to teeth, teeth actually that's because the way is wrong, toothpick used correctly can bring oral cavity clean, also can protect teeth, toothpick is commonly used up lost, toothpicks and other role actually, today let toothpick vendors would say toothpicks in addition to the teeth and the use.
1. Clean aperture: first to tear a small piece of double-sided adhesive, and then roll it off at the end of the toothpick, finally the toothpick into the mobile phones is hard to clean the hole cleaning dust and stains. Easy to solve the problem of cell phone without electricity!
2. Tape seal: seal with tape and stick with a small toothpick. The next time you look for the tape seal, you won't be able to tear up a tear.
3. Clean the hair in the comb: just use a toothpick to reach into the curl comb and gently pick out the hair in the comb, simple and convenient.
Now can we say that the toothpick does not have any other effect than picking teeth? Actually mainly in life have a curiosity, so little toothpicks can also have a lot of useful, toothpick manufacturing is also very important, the toothpick quality on market also have good and bad, don't use the toothpick, GELGOOG machinery factory specializing in the production of toothpick machine, chopsticks machine, bamboo stick machine, has the need to welcome to inquire.

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