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Open a toothpick making factory


Most people have the desire that to open a toothpick making machine factory, because the toothpick making machine has the festures of lowest investment and can obtain the high profits.Then, in order to open a toothpick making machine factory, what we should do first, as a manufacturer of toothpick making machine, in the passage I will show you how to open a toothpick making machine factory.
 toothpick making machine factory
To open a toothpick making machine factory, the first question you should to consider is that the material you used to produce toothpick, bamboo or wood or any other material. And then the capacity you want to produce per 8 hours, Third, what kind of toothpicks do you want, for example, singlr sharpened or double sharpened. Finally, the location of your factory, the whole production of toothpick production occupied small space, so the questions is easy to solve.
And there is still an important factors you should to be considered that is the toothpick machine.
The toothpick making machine of our factory is composed of 8 machines, which is high effiency and high quality with the best price. Lots of our customers are satisfied with our toothpick making machine.

If you want to open a toothpick making machine, you can come to our factory to consult, we will provide you the most professioal advice to help you to open a toothpick making factory. The following is our company’s service, you can read it as reference:
1. Free technical training until the user can independently operate and independently produce (can come to our factory for reference learning or to send the factory and production technical data by mail).
2, all the factory sold the production equipment warranty for one year, low-priced supply accessories
3,. Our factory is responsible for the long-term technology consulting services at any time for customers to solve various problems
4. Our factory has sample samples. All customers who purchase our equipment will receive the following improvement technologies free of charge.

If you have great interest in our toothpick making machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.