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Paper Pencil Making Machine Business


Paper pencil making machine adopt domestic power supply automatic production, simple and convenient operation, directly put on the 220 v power supply can be automated production paper pencil, the machine with old newspapers, books and newspapers magazines can produce dozens of various patterns of normal and pencil, like skin head with its high quality, high-grade beautiful patterns, unbiased core, constantly lead, easy cutting, the cost is much lower than the wood pencil. Paper pencil is a disposable consumption of consumer goods, but it is a new environmental protection pencil.
Is 150 million students in primary schools of our country, the freshmen of up to 6 million a year, only for consumers, more than 40 years required for a pencil, do a family of pencil factory need 2-3 people, 20 square meters, the flow of capital of 300 yuan, nissan 1.0-13000, very profitable.
Paper roll pencils, less investment, quick effect, wide raw material market is big, the designated China writing instrument association, pencil development direction, is the inevitable alternative products of traditional wooden pencil, is a protection of the ecological balance, renewable resources of technology products, the government encourages support.

paper pencil making machine