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Wood Chopstick Making Machine Manufacturer


The wood chopstick making machine can produce wood chopstick.
The timber should be adopted prior woodworking band saw, circular saw and other processing equipment to grow more than 50cm wide and 6cm, 3.5cm thick blank, can be put into the 1st unit, the 2nd and other water processing products.

1. Usually the size of the chopsticks is 19-24 cm. The diameter is 5-5.5 mm
2. The above six wooden chopsticks production line is the production line, the chopstick forming machine is purchased according to the customer's request.
3. Output: 60, 000 pairs / 8 hours, requires 3 to 4 workers.
4. If the customer adds 2 chopsticks, the capacity will be 110,000/8 hours.
5. Generally speaking, wood can produce 50,000 pairs of chopsticks per square meter, with a length of 210mm and a width of 5mm.
6. 10 kilowatt hour per hour, can work 12 hours continuously.
7. Normally this machine needs 380v / 50HZ, which has three phase voltages in China.
If your country's voltage is 220v / 3, then you can use a transformer to change the voltage. We can also customize the voltage to 220v / 3
wood chopstick making machine