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Wooden Pencil Making Machine Manufacturers In China


This wood pencil making machine can use the used wood to produce the pencil.
This machine's production is very big and the price is lowest,and is best in quality,and the production line is very easy to operate.
Our newly upgraded slotting machine is mainly used for grooves in the grooves of slabs.
The machine is made of high quality carbon materials, all of the components are advanced resin sand and carbon, annealed aging treatment.
The machining range is 2-9 pencils, each strip. There are grooves and sides on the wood, and the size is accurate. This machine helps you to save labor and increase productivity.
1, Wood pencil making machine for linden pencil with German technology.
2, the full automatic line has high efficiency and good stability.
3, Special Power Voltage & Frenquency available as request
4, Totally automatic
5, Use less workers
wood pencil making machine