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Wood Shaving Machine Price


Wood shaving machine is mainly used for making logs, branches made of wood chips.
This machine can process logs, branches and shavings. This machine is an automatic feeding device. But also greatly improve the production speed, but also save time and manpower.
The machine is a new type of wood processing machinery, can be processed wood sticks, twigs, branches, logs and so on. In addition, can also be used to produce some raw materials, such as mushrooms, particleboard, high density board, charcoal and so on. Mainly used to produce uniform thickness of the sheet. The last product can be used as a material for particleboard and pulp, and can also be used as an animal bed, such as pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, biomass energy.
The entrance uses an automatic feeding device, the material comet enters the machine through the feed port, the blade section is inside the machine, and then enters the screen. Finally it will produce a uniform particle size, the thickness can be automatically adjusted.
The machine uses automatic feeding device, compared with the traditional simple operation, greatly improving the production speed of particles, saving labor time.
1. Automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving the production speed, saving time and manpower
2. Simple operation, high production efficiency, compact structure, easy maintenance
3. Saving energy, investment is small, good economic returns
4. Good quality, long life, cost savings
5. Can adjust the size of the shaving wood to meet the different requirements of customers, high efficiency and high quality
6. Energy can replace electricity and diesel to meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions
7. The machine can continue to work, shorten working hours, improve work efficiency, and create more business value
8. Widely used, machinable logs, branches, edges, high speed, low loss rate.
wood shaving machine