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Wood Shaving Machine Manufacturer


The wood shaving machine is mainly used for bulk production of thin thin slice shavings, which is an automatic wood planer. It consists of frame, in the platform of the rack, on the platform with rest, wood by the inlet into the machine, inside the machine after slicing blade, with wood shavings, the particle size, uniform thickness, there is a difference and wood factory hand out the shavings.
The wood shaver machine can be logs, branches (branches), edge processing into shavings, produced shavings and furniture factory to produce the shavings, automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving the production speed, it also saves time and manpower, the total power for 10 kw, output can reach 500 kg, 1000 kg per hour, this product has a large, small for you to choose from.
The planer (wood planer) can be used as a processing machine, such as sticks, branches, branches and so on. The shavings produced by the planer are the same as those produced in the furniture factory. This machine adopts the automatic feeding device, which is much simpler than the traditional operation, and also increases the speed of the shavings production, saving manpower and time.
The manufacturing process of the shavings is based on the previous experience and the present innovation, and adopts automatic feed system. The thin thickness of the material can be adjusted freely. Compact structure, reasonable layout, convenient installation, easy operation and maintenance. Applicable scope: aquaculture mat. Applicable to: all kinds of wood, planing it to shavings.

wood shaving machine