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Wooden Shovel Mop Handle Making Machine


Wooden shovel mop handle making machine adopt automatic feeding, automatic return to the two functions, the traditional material handling (shovel, mop) of round at the same time, and increase the function of the wood pole, this equipment is mainly used to shovel, hoe, wood, mop and timber production tools of workers and peasants, decoration and furniture.

Max. Process diameter: 20 mm - Φ Φ 60 mm;
Max. Process length: 350 mm-unlimited;
Main shaft motor: 4 kw, 2 poles;
Transmission motor: 1.5 kw,4 bars;
Deceleration ratio: 30:1;
Spindle speed: 4500 r/min;
Feeding speed: 4 m-8m/min;
Feeding type: double entry (for circular and square materials);
Overall size: 810 x 700 x 900 mm.
Net weight: 300 kg
1. Suitable materials are widely available, such as slender wood and round stock embryos to change the limited disadvantages of raw materials.
2. The smooth surface, polished rod, leaves the grinding process by changing the speed of the machine.
3. The project is efficient, with a maximum speed of up to 25 PCS/min, which can be used to process more adhesion machines

shovel mop handle making machine