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Bamboo Chopstick Production Process


General bamboo chopsticks machine with several different functions of the equipment bamboo processing as an example: see the original bamboo machine (bamboo to see divided into standard bamboo) - broken bamboo machine (bamboo is divided into bamboo) - sub-machine (bamboo Bamboo with internal and external), drawing machine (according to need to do things.
Product type Exit bamboo with different sizes and shapes) - Tool length (according to size required) - Automatic grinding machine (sharp chopsticks) - Automatic packaging machine (packaging factory) Use of wood waste, Zamu, bamboo, etc. Etc., investment is small, fast, very suitable for small investors. Plant covers an area of 30 square meters, distribution 10 kilowatts, 1 - 2 staff, in the rural areas can be directly used small courtyard. Daily production of bamboo chopsticks 6 - 10 million pairs of bamboo food production according to different specifications of the size of the daily output of about 30 million. But also incense with the production of incense.

bamboo chopstick making machine