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Chopstick Making Machine Price


When people has the desire to open a factory to produce chopsticks, the most important question they cared about is the chopstick macking machine price. Chopstick machine according to the function, appearance, origin is different, cause price difference a lot.
Chopstick making machine is mainly has two parts. There are mainly wood processing and bamboo processing, which is a kind of machine used to produce various kinds of chopsticks. It is mainly power driven and can be divided into simple type according to machine type. Basic; Production type. And also, as a supplier of chopstick making machine, we are different from others, most of our machines can support cutomer made.
Generally, chopstick making machine consists of several different functions. Taking the bamboo chopstick making machine as example: Sawing bamboo machine (cutting the original bamboo into standard bamboo festival)--Bamboo carving machine (divide bamboo into pieces)--Slicing machine (leveling the inner and outer bamboo joints of bamboo strips)--Wire drawing machine (depending on the type of product you need to do to pull out the different specifications and shape of the bamboo stick)--Fixed-size cut-off machine (saw off as needed)--Automatic sharpening machine (for sharpening of the end of a chopstick)--Automatic packaging machine (packing factory).
Chopstick making industry has the advantage of low investment and high profits, if you want to open a chopstick making industry, please consult us, as a supplier of chopstick making machine, we will provide more professional advice for you.
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