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Wooden Toothpick Making Machine Manufacturer


Our factory has been engaged in the development and production of  toothpick making machine for many years. At present, we only sell these machines to the overseas market, and have exported to the toothpick machines all over the world. We not only provide high quality products, but also provide overseas training services and permanent technical support.
Please rest assured that we are the most suitable for you. Choose us and choose satisfaction.
Product description of the toothpick making machine
1. application of bamboo toothpick machine:
By using our toothpick, you can make BAMBOO toothpicks (either one or two toothpick), BBQ STICKS (roast string), INCENSE STICK, MATCH STICKS and so on.
2. Introduction of bamboo toothpick machine:
Toothpick machine is used to produce bamboo toothpick and wood toothpick. The whole equipment is made up of 6-9 machines, some of which are optional according to your actual conditions. You can make two different toothpicks: one and two. You can make one of them change one machine only. And the size of toothpicks can be adjusted. The machine can produce 700 thousand to 1 million toothpicks every 4-5 hours by labor force of 8 hours.
wood toothopick making machine manufacturer