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Improper Use Of Toothpicks Can Be Harmful To People


Believe that many people now eat snack or late-night snack booth is to use disposable chopsticks, this is now a status quo, more health to use disposable chopsticks, toothpicks, too, but improper use toothpick making machine to produce the toothpick is harmful to people
Toothpick is an oral cleaning tool. Improper use of toothpicks can also be harmful.
A small toothpick may contain tens of thousands of bacteria that can easily become infected, such as hepatitis b and tuberculosis. Recently, the Chinese consumers' association issued a warning that many of the toothpicks in domestic restaurants are "three to none" products, and the country has not yet set standards for toothpicks.
Therefore, consumers should only select one toothpick at a time, break it after use, and prevent secondary pollution.
It is understood that toothpick safety problems can be produced in two phases. First, the production stage, due to the low level of the toothpick production technology, the producer is the family workshop, the quality is difficult to guarantee; Second, it may cause secondary pollution due to improper preservation during use.
The above is the harm of toothpick, must avoid when using.
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