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Round Stick Making Machine Manufacturer


We as round stick making machine manfuacturer in china, our round stick making machine factory in henan province. We specialize in manufacturing and trading bamboo processing machinery and ice cream bar processing machinery.Our woodworking machines are widely used to make bamboo and wood.round stick making machine manufacturer
Wooden toothpicks, chopsticks, kebabs, and various sizes of round and square wooden & bamboo sticks.We provides machines for producing wooden ice cream bar, wooden Popsicle, wooden sticks, wooden wooden compressors, knife, spoon, stick, stick lollipop, wooden scoop of ice cream, wooden spatula shovel, disposable wooden fork, wooden toys. Ice cream wooden round, paddle, spoons, and spatulas.

Wood stick making machine line are widely used in  furniture and construction area.We also provide sorting, packing and packing machines for the above products.We not only provide high quality machines for customers with preferential prices, but also provide good after-sales service and technical support for your production.Hope to be a good partner to your business partner.

This is our round wood stick making machine working video:Any problem you can email tina@machinehall.com or leave messgae on our website, we will feedback with 24 hours.