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Round Wood Rod Making Machine Price


The high round wood rod making machine is a new type of round rod processing equipment, which is mainly used for processing long bamboo, wood, round material, round material, round material, and so on.

1. Suitable materials are extensive, such as slender wood and round germ, to change the defect of raw materials.
2. Smooth surface, through sand grinding processing of the slime, by changing the speed of the machine to leave the grinding process.
3. High efficiency, with a maximum speed of up to 25 / min, and a machine that can handle more of the bars at the same time.
1. Extensive applications, square and round materials are acceptable, and not only for the rotating cut round sticks of rectangular materials.
2. After processing, the surface of the round rod surface is smooth, and the circular rod after processing is similar to sanding effect, adjusting speed and saving sanding process.
3. High production speed, the highest feeding speed can reach 18 meters per minute, is the rotary round rod machine four times, this machine can customize processing more round bar at the same time.

round wood rod making machine