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Wood Toothpick Production Line Price In India


This wood toothpick production line is used to produce wood toothpick.Size of toothpick is diameter of 0mm and length of 65mm.
The production series include the wood toothpick machine and bamboo toothpick machines.Toothpick Machine is composed of 7 machines which is used for producing wooden and bamboo toothpicks from square timber to finished products.
Product adopt the sawblade sawing bamboo piece of log, kaifeng the fixed width to silk, bleaching, drying, cutting length - polishing - removing flaws - nib - remove logo, packaging, warehousing (factory).
wood toothpick production line, the production of the toothpick, 8 hours production of 600,000, about 80 kg. Need mechanical operator 5 or 7, male and female unlimited. The industrial power consumption is 380 volts, and the actual power consumption of normal production is about 12 degrees per hour. Four, nine, three million.
For every 100 kg of fresh bamboo (wet), a toothpick with a diameter of 2.0140000 x65 mm is usually produced and 18 kg of toothpicks is dried.

wood toothpick production line