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What's The Use Of Shavings?


Shavings are more widely used, can be used to make fire, press the particleboard, and make high pressure boards after smashing. At present, the high pressure plate made of shavings and sawdust is widely used in the production of furniture products.
Wood shavings are wood shavings that are cut out when wood planing is used to make wood shavings. Wood shavings can make different wood shavings because of different processing tools. The wood shavings are machined by rolling cutting, so the wood shavings are staged. And manual wooden plane processing, is a straight line for processing, so the wood shavings plate shaped strip (its length can be set according to the length of wood processing, can also according to the size of the workers long arms, thrust used to decide the length of the wood shavings). Manual processing of the wood shavings thickness is in commonly 0.0.5 mm.
Do particieboard (plywood) can be broken, can use the machine broken sell mushroom farmers do mushroom growth, can be sold to the raw material, wood pulp paper mills do can sell transportation company do fragile fillings, can also be used as a biological energy.
Now the development of shavings is made of chipboard, sawdust board, pet cushion, paper making raw materials, bio-energy fuel, logistics fragile mat, poultry and poultry bedding.
Shaving is a package of thin wood materials, before the birth of shaving machine, wood shavings are at the time of processing wood furniture, woodworking leftover scraps of wood, the wood is not good use before, usually white burned, very pity. But with the development of science and technology, the market of shavings has also moved to a new stage, and the utilization of shavings has been accepted by the people of different industries. Therefore, the market for processing shavings has been generated.
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