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Automatic Band Saw Machine Price

MOQ: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 100 Sets/month

Loading Port: Qingdao

Description: This automatic band saw machine is suitable for thin wood to cutting ,also can process small size of wood material ,constructive batten or package board.


This automatic band saw machine is suitable for thin wood to cutting,also can process small size of wood material,constructive batten or package board.
It is the applied for processing the special chape of curve or circular side of woodworking.It also can do small quantity of rip and transverse saw for quadrate board and plank stuft,also can process rubber plastic etc.
Adopt outer convey frame,easy to change belt,with high efficiency.Designed with simple structure,so that it is wearable and can be maintained easily. Adjustable angle table keeping the cutting path smooth and precise.
The band saw machine is good to use in furniture factory ,constructive industry and forestry processing etc.

band saw machine


Model GGMJ800
Saw Wheel Diameter 800mm
Speed of Saw Blade 600r/min
Work Area 800*740mm
Motor Power 7.5kw/11kw
Length of the Blade 5380mm
Spindle Speed 800r/min

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