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Round Stick Making Machine|Shovel Hoe Handle Making Machine

MOQ: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 100 Sets/month

Loading Port: Qingdao

Description: Round stick making machine can be used for making wooden round bar,shovel handle. it also can do spade handle.


Round stick making machine can be used for making wooden round bar, shovel handle,for the manufacture of stakes;it is automatic feeding, high production efficiency. Equipped with a spade to the head machine, the head cut into a cone-shaped body. it also can do spade handle.
The finished round wood sticks have widely purpose.it can be used for processing wood uneven bars, martial arts sticks and other sports equipment, rolling pin, mine pillars, staircase handrails and other round sticks. The raw materials used for processing can be square or round.

This machine can be used to do a spade, a mop bar, a hoe to the rod. (Round bar machine) spade machine new round rod machine series of high efficiency. Using automatic feeding, automatic return two functions, can be used to process the production of wooden rod, but also improve the processing speed. The equipment is mainly used for shovel, hoe, wood, daily mop and workers and peasants in the production of wood tools, as well as furniture decoration, decoration used in the processing of circular wood.

The machine can be used to process the hoe handle, the shovel handle and so on the size of the head tool wooden handle, a machine can be used, can be processed ordinary round bar can be processed the size of the first round bar, the material can be directly produced with square or round wood, 60mm diameter Machine, according to customer needs custom processing machinery.

We also have wood brush handle making machine.

round stick making machine


Power: 7.1kw Size 925×950×1130
Min processing diameter: 15mm Weight : 650kg
Max processing diameter: 38mm Min processing length: 450mm
Knife number: 2 pcs Max processing length: Not limited
Working speed: 8-25m/min    

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