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Bamboo Toothpick Production


Why bamboo?
• bamboo grows faster than trees and begins to grow inside
Plant three to four years.
• the establishment of plantations requires minimal capital investment
Build on the native planting skills of local farmers
And forests.
• bamboo can be harvested every year and will not be destroyed.
• bamboo is good for degraded land
Prevent soil erosion.
• bamboo can easily be pruned by plants.
In addition to culms, other parts of bamboo are also available
Used for rural livelihoods - for food, leaves and fodder
Forks, such as brooms and firewood.
Why use bamboo to make toothpicks?
Bamboo is an ideal choice for making toothpicks
It's relatively soft. Toothpicks are low value
Products and their added value
Toothpicks are less processed than many people
Other products, such as woven articles or flooring
The board of directors. Relatively cheap bamboo
So, ideal.
• the market for toothpicks is very large
Widely used around the world.
Use bamboo trees instead of trees
Environmental desirability can help reduce
The pressure of wood forest.
Requirements for success
• continuous supply of bamboo is suitable for toothpicks
Production. Species with long internodes are preferred.
• some technical training personnel to manage and manage
Maintenance unit.
• start-up capital.
• access to markets and innovative ways
Packaging and sales.