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The Twelve Taboos Of Using Chopsticks


This means before a meal or dining process, the chopsticks on the table it is not neat the length of the unlucky, we usually call it "gossip" its meaning is "death" because Chinese people used to think that after death is to put into a coffin, pack in person, also didn't cover the coffin cover, part of the coffin was short before and after the two pieces of wood, on both sides and the bottom of the three pieces of long wooden board, five pieces of wood together the coffin was made of some unexpected, so it is very unlucky things.
This kind of practice is extremely cannot be accepted by people, this method is to take chopsticks, use thumb and middle finger, ring finger and little finger hold chopsticks, and finger out that in the eyes of Peking man called "scolded avenue" due to the index finger when eating out, always constantly refers to the others, Beijing general index finger to refer to each other, mostly with accusations of mean so, with your fingers when eating with chopsticks, would be tantamount to blame others, this is the same with call names, it is not allow, and there was a situation also this meaning, that is talking with others while eating with chopsticks refers to person.
This kind of practice is not enough, the way is one end of the chopsticks on the table in his mouth, mouth to go back to the chuai, not hissed the sounds when the practice of such behaviour is regarded as is a kind of cheap because mouth chuai chopsticks when eating itself is a kind of rude behavior, plus with voice, more annoying so appear this kind of practice is generally considered a lack of family education, also could not allow.
Such behaviour is regarded as a beggar begging, its approach is to use chopsticks when eating tap on a dish for the past only beggars are struck with chopsticks to rice basin, its cry with the sound of the mouth, bring to the attention of pedestrians and give alms this kind of practice is regarded as extremely cheap things, was despised by others.
This kind of practice is holding chopsticks, make money, back and forth with the chopsticks on the table of dishes in the tour, to know where the chopsticks for the good this behaviour is typical of lack of accomplishment, and defiant very distasteful.
This refers to holding chopsticks in a dish dish of bala, in an attempt to find their prey, like a grave dig grave of general practice with "fan zhu tour city", belong to a poor upbringing, boring.
In fact, it is not advisable to use chopsticks to put food on your plate, and it is not advisable to drop the soup into other dishes or tables.
That is used to reverse the chopsticks, the meal was looked down on this kind of practice is very, so hungry, so regardless of the face, pour chopsticks made, this is absolutely not possible.
At mealtime to insert your chopsticks in a dish of food, it is no good, this is considered to sit at the same table of diners a shame when eating in to make the move, as in Europe to stretch out middle finger to the person in public meaning is the same, this is no good.
Is often out of kindness to help others urgently, in order to convenient pass a pair of chopsticks in the rice to the other party by people as a misdemeanor, because Beijing's tradition is for the dead shakily to do this, if you put a pair of chopsticks inserted in the rice, is being regarded as to give the dead shakily, so, to put the chopsticks in the bowl is not acceptable.
Often do not pay attention to by people, for this is the cross place their chopsticks carelessly in a meal on the table it is wrong, for beijingers thought on the dining table the fork, are all the other diners, as the students to write the wrong job, by the nature of the teacher on the fork, could not be accepted in addition to this, this kind of practice is to own don't respect, because in the past when the wrong-doer to make a fork, it is no doubt in deny yourself, this is no good.
The meaning of "surprised" god refers to miss your chopsticks fell to the ground, because this is a sign of a serious faux pas from Beijing that the ancestors all buried in the ground, should not be disturbed, chopsticks landing is to disturb the ancestors of the underground, this is big unfilial, so this kind of behavior is not allowed but it has to break the law, a fall to the ground, but the chopsticks should be quickly by the chopsticks were all together in one direction according to oneself, draw the cross direction of the first things on the ground after the north and the south mean I am not a thing, shouldn't disturb the ancestors, and then pick up the chopsticks, says his fucking at the same time.