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Why Buy Chopstick Machines?


With the continuous development of society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and people are paying more and more attention to their physical health and environmental hygiene. More often than not, use disposable chopsticks to ensure a safe and healthy diet, rather than using household chopsticks. Therefore, the invention and production of disposable chopsticks have brought a lot of convenience to our life. Chopstick machine is a kind of equipment that is used to make and produce disposable chopsticks. Chopsticks made from chopsticks are generally made of wood and bamboo.
So what are the advantages of a chopstick machine?
A handle (rod), production health chopsticks, ice cream, can choose the aspen, birch, and various kinds of wood as raw material, you just need to replace the cutter for the above products, reached a small investment, high efficiency, the raw materials of tesco, multi-usage, etc.
2. Truncation - cooking (or water soaking) - warp cutting machine - chamfering machine - chamfering machine (or polishing) - packing into the warehouse. The production of the handle can save the chamfer.
Three, equipment introduction: each party timber production from 70000 to 100000 pairs of chopsticks, small equipment unit 8 hours to produce 10 to 150000 pairs, medium-sized units produce 25 ~ 300000 pairs, large unit to produce 45 ~ 500000 pairs, such as skilled production has greatly increased, after carving cutting machine, chamfering machine production according to your needs and economic conditions to increase equipment.
Four, cost accounting and economic analysis (8 hour) : according to the size of the wood diameter 7 per square timber production to 100000 pairs of chopsticks X market price = gross margin - the purchase price of raw materials - electricity - artificial - (including tax, factories, packaging, etc., according to the actual situation since you place) the net profit X = timber production every day every day with a few wood = 8 hours of net profit. To sum up, general production can be recoverable in 2 ~ 3 months.
At present, China's disposable chopsticks can be sold to countries in southeast Asia. People can't use chopsticks anymore.

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