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A Brief Discussion On Chinese Bamboo Culture


Sculpture art is very extensive in China, and most of the caves we can see, such as longmen, yungang, dunhuang grottoes, have carved art. Then there are the stone carvings on the imperial tombs, such as the qianling of the tang dynasty, Ming tombs, Ming tombs, dongling tombs, tombs and tomb lines.
Bamboo carving, the raw material of bamboo, is widely available, easy to carve and cheap, so there is a lot of room for people to play. The earliest bamboo ware, at present, can see the carved work of the carved bamboo spoons unearthed by changsha ma wang, with a very fine carving on the handle. Bamboo carving art is well documented in the history of the tang and song dynasties, but not many unearthed objects can be seen.
After the Ming and middle leaves, bamboo carving art rose rapidly. We know that the bamboo carving in the Ming dynasty is not limited to bamboo carving, including hornhorns, ivory and rosewood, but why are they called bamboo carving? Because the Chinese literati endowed bamboo with a noble character. Such as the design of common "bamboo shuang-xi mei", "poetic" age of shochiku mei, "four gentlemen" chrysanthemum patterns, these all reflect the Chinese bamboo, given the good character, the first is lofty, this character, the second is tough.
Bamboo culture in China is a very broad culture, which is deeply popular among the people. For example, the qing dynasty painter zheng banqiao had poems:
He insisted that the hill was not relaxed, and that the root was in the rock.
Thousands of thousands of blows are still strong, in the southwest of the north wind.
Zheng banqiao was one of the eight eccentric in yangzhou. He wrote "six and a half books", which was praised by literati as "the street of the rock and stone". His paintings of bamboo are very famous. Today he can not only enjoy his paintings, but also can see his bamboo stone in other carving art, which shows how the bamboo culture is deeply rooted in people's hearts. The folk still have this saying: "the center of the bamboo has the bowed leaves, the ao mei has no elevation." This is a kind of personification quality given by literati after observing natural plants. Bamboo is hollow, and in Chinese it is very coincidental with vanity.
Of all the carved materials, bamboo is the cheapest and easiest. To the south today, you can see a large bamboo forest. The literati use bamboo, hope through their own participation, the design, make such a kind of ordinary material can achieve very high state, the decadent is magical.

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