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Toothpick Machine Factory Teaches You Use Toothpick Make Crafts


When I was a kid, everyone must be on arts and crafts lesson, not only can exercise their own hands and brain coordination ability, can also use your imagination, toothpick is often used as the material of handicrafts, use toothpick toothpick factory house can teach everyone how making handicrafts.
Tools: ruler, ruler. Paper towels. Milky white glue. 502 glue. A small brush. A bottle of wood (all things add up to about 50 yuan, the number of toothpicks depends on how big a villa you are going to make).
First you brush the paper with a small brush over the latex. Then stick the toothpick with the ruler. Make a toothpick version. Pay attention to the amount of latex rubber, the whole toothpick will touch the adhesive effect. It also affects aesthetics. The toothpick version has been made to mean that the walls of the villa have been finished and two toothpicks. Use and remove the excess tissue. Align the two toothpicks. (lower down) and press the toothpick with a ruler. With feet knife cut at 45 °. After cutting the two Angle to 45 °. So that the corner of the wall comes in, and it looks beautiful. You can use one of the easiest ways if you want to avoid trouble. It's toilet paper. You start by figuring out how much toothpick you're going to make, like the wall around the house, 18 centimeters in which you're going to get down 18 of the toilet paper and then put a toothpick on it. One by one. Put your head and tail together after you put it in 18. Put your toothpicks across the inside. That's what's going on around here. Or if you don't use paper you put the toothpick horizontally across the board. Then brush the white glue and put a row of toothpicks on top of the latex.
Can you imagine that such exquisite handicrafts were made from toothpicks? So by playing your own imagination, you're going to create something you didn't expect.

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