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Cost Of Paper Pencil Making Machine


My company comply with the demand of the market timely launch of new environmental protection results, using waste paper to produce environmentally-friendly pencils, the company produces the environmental protection pencil is using waste paper rod rolled newspaper, and after dealing with the hardening method, make the newspaper has the quality of the wood, and the ink and pen is one integrated mass, core shift. Never loose core. The roll cutting performance significantly better than the wooden pencil, and the advantages of fire. Use plastic film aseptic packaging, is a kind of pollution-free. Save wood. Protect forest resources of multiple environmental protection products; There's a graphite core. The hb-8b can be produced, round rod, length 174mm, diameter 7.4 and + 0.2mm. Good quality. The price is excellent, and the production is based on customer's requirement. Since its launch, the product has won high praise from customers and customers. At the same time, the project is supported by the government departments! The company will always be "quality and prestige" enterprise spirit, we warmly welcome the presence of customers at home and abroad! With the principle of "honesty and trustworthiness", we sincerely hope to cooperate with you sincerely!
Paper pencil making machine adopts domestic power supply automatic production, simple and convenient operation, plug directly into the 220 - volt power supply can be automated production paper pencil, the machine with old newspapers, books and newspapers magazines can produce dozens of various patterns of normal and pencil, like skin head with its high quality, high-grade beautiful patterns, unbiased core, constantly lead, easy cutting, the cost is much lower than the wood pencil. Paper pencil is a disposable consumption of consumer goods, but it is a new environmental protection pencil.

paper pencil making machine