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Function Features Of Wood Rod Rounding Machine


Small wood rod rounding machine quotation bending machine applicable raw materials can be square, to stick to the sanding and screw head, make product more smooth to use round bar, but also of circular, can also be customized other types of round bar machine. The round bar sander is a supporting product of spades, which can be installed on tools such as shovels and hoe. The total output value of these enterprises also occupies an objective proportion in the total output value of world rubber machinery. With the improving of the rubber machinery technical level in our country and the continuous improvement of the enterprise management mode, in recent years, China's rubber machinery enterprises in the international rubber industry competitiveness has been improving, and has become the trend of the national rubber machinery center, this to our country's economic development, and related rubber machinery has a very important role in the development of enterprises. The saw blade of the double-headed 45 degree Angle cutter has been passivated after being used for a long time, which should be re-polished and used again. The overlapping position of the cutting machine saw blade and blade slot is too shallow, and the blade slot and saw blade are adjusted to the right position. The slot gap of cutter blade of cutter blade is too large. Generally speaking, it is better not to be greater than 2.5mm. The double-headed 45-degree Angle cutter blade has been involved in some metal fragments, metal fragments, etc., should be cleaned and then switched on. The end of the cutting board of the double-headed 45 degree Angle cutter is not correct, which can lead to incorrect adjustment of the feeding positioning baffle of the cutting blade of the cutting machine. The cutting saw blade of the cutting machine has a position of passivation, which is different from the linear speed of other props, so the phenomenon of the margin will appear; The guide wheel adjustment of the blade of the cutter is incorrect, resulting in the occurrence of variation. The blade feeding program of the cutter is incorrect, resulting in deviation.
Wood brush handle making machine of the main advantages: round bar sanding machine, main components including frame, body and transmission and feeding device, described the transmission and axial feeding device is mainly include motor, reducer, feeding plate, abrasive belt and iron, described abrasive belt is set on the driving wheel and driven wheel rotation, described using set in with abrasive belt for the operation of the tray. Into the opposite direction of abrasive belt and roller sports, make the machined from the feed end of round into and automatically rotate, in the process of spinning for sanding and polishing, and by adjusting bolt to adjust the Angle of roller, according to the size of the round bar and the requirements of machining accuracy, how to adjust the feeding speed, the purpose of the utility model has high production efficiency, safe operation, sanding, polishing the advantages with good effect. It is mainly daily for lubrication and cleaning, fastening parts, adjusting mechanism and so on. Clean and change oil regularly, the lumber mill that is bad for working conditions, need to be cleaned regularly, change lubricants. Check regularly to check the wear condition of the parts and estimate the number of parts to be replaced at the next repair.
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