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Wood Toothpick Production Line With Lower Price


The wood toothpick production line are used for producing wood toothpicks,it also can product bamboo toothpick.the complete equipments consist of 8 machines.and the size of the toothpick can be adjustable.The machines can produce 800000 pieces toothpick every 8 hours.
Introduction of wooden toothpick production line with low price:
1, Products with original wood - picking sawing - cutting bamboo stick - section open piece of fixed width into silk, bleaching, drying, cutting off - length - polishing - neat - remove the defect to sign - nib - remove the defect sign, packaging, warehousing (factory).
2, The wood toothpick production line 8 hours production in 600000, about 80 kilograms.the production line need machinery operators 5 or 7, men and women there is no limit.Industrial electric power with 380 v, the normal production of the actual power consumption per hour around 12 degrees.Add 4, 9 machines, production in 3 million.
3, Every 100 kilograms of wood, usually can produce diameter 2.0 140000 x 65 mm specifications of toothpick, about dry finished toothpicks 18 kg.

wood toothpick production line