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Green Wood Pencil Becomes The Main Market


The green pencils used in this year's two sessions are inscribed with the words "resource conservation, government first" and "100% waste paper made". It is understood that the green wood lead made from fast-growing forest is the main market.
Back in the 1980s, China began to design and produce environmentally friendly pencils, and more than 200 million green pencils were produced each year for export. Generally speaking, environmental pencils have three attributes such as raw material, environmental protection and international safety certification. In general, China's environmental pencil industry is still in the market, the product lacks stratification, and there is no uniform industry standard.
Some experts say that paper pencils are just one type of green pencil. Two sessions in environmental protection pencil, is made up of old newspapers, waste paper and so on, while the production cost is relatively low, but from the hand, use convenience, roll cutting is not suitable for students and writing the crowd for a long time, limited in terms of promotion.
It is reported that China produces about 7 billion pencils annually, accounting for two-thirds of the world's total output, and is the world's largest producer of pencils. The quality of linden wood used for producing pencils has been overharvested for a long time. The production of wood has been reduced year by year, and the scarce and precious basswood has not been able to meet the demand of pencil production. But the wooden green pencils made by fast growing forest have become the main force in the market because of the better hand feeling, better writing experience than the traditional pencils, and the reasonable cost of large-scale manufacturing.
The green wooden pencil, which is not familiar to domestic consumers, has a long history and is very mature. It is a mainstream product in the international market. China's world famous wooden pencil set design, research and development, production of integrated mark pencil attack trees growing cycle long problem, in order to meet the high quality pencil board needed, use of tropical rainforest rapidly renewable technology, Lin in the green, environmental protection and at the same time also has high flexibility, easy cutting, etc. "Environmental pencils are an environmentally friendly industry that the country is strongly promoting," said mark leyi, director of mark pencils. In addition to external factors, environmental protection, energy conservation and quality safety features of environmental pencils are gradually accepted by consumers, and the pencils are sold to 80 countries in the world. He says environmentally friendly pencils are more popular with consumers around the world. For example, the 6001 original wooden pencil of mark pencil, which is a non-tropical rain forest tree, has long been popular with consumers. It is widely believed that the price of green pencils is higher than traditional pencils, and the price of green wooden pencils in China is actually the same as that of traditional pencils.
In view of the environmental protection pencil, someone doubt, environmental protection pencil material is waste paper, rapid regeneration wood more, whether in use process has such problems as poor durability, easy loss? That's not the case. On the contrary, compared with traditional pencils, the production process of environmental pencils is more rigorous. There are probably more than 30 procedures for the birth of a green pencil, and each one is 100% recyclable under the premise that each process is accurate. Conserve resources, ecological recycling, and carry out environmental protection philosophy. The contents of various elements in the pen, wood and paint of mark pencil have passed the quality and safety testing of wood rod pencils in international (including the European Union and American standard).
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