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Precautions For Barbecue


1. Avoid meat and open fire when barbecuing meat, and don't let the grease drop into the open flame. Because the smoke from the oil and open fire contains benzopyrene, benzopyrene adheres to meat or vegetables as the smoke passes through the meat, which is bad for your health. It is recommended to make a "protective cover" for food to be wrapped in tin foil so as not to cause grease drops or to get "smoke and smoke" from the baked food.
2. Marinate a large amount of garlic and ginger garlic before grilling. Since the production of heterocyclic amine requires free radical participation, the addition of scallions and ginger garlic in the cured meat reduces the production of free radicals, which in turn reduces the production of the heterocyclic amine.
3. Don't drink beer when you eat barbecue. It's a refreshing drink, and a lot of people choose to have a heavy barbecue and a beer. But it is no less than poison to quench thirst. Because the alcohol in beer and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the barbecue and benzopyrene, the digestive tract tumor can be induced.
When eating barbecue, it is best to eat foods rich in vitamin C such as chilli, chrysanthemum, bitter melon, lettuce, cabbage, kiwi, dates, citrus, etc. Because vitamin C can reduce the production of carcinogenic nitrite, and has certain antioxidant effect.
Pay attention to the diversity of food. Barbecues don't always have to be barbecued, cereals (baked buns) and vegetables (roasted chives, roasted peppers) are also delicious. Eating a variety of foods reduces the intake of meat and is healthier.
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