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High Quality Round Stick Machine


Round stick machine adopts automatic feeding, automatic return two functions, the material in the processing of traditional round rods (shovel, mop) at the same time, and add the function of making wood rod, the round bar machine equipment is mainly used for shovels, hoes, wooden stick, daily use mop and the workers and peasants put the tools in the wood, and furniture decoration, decoration of the round shape of the timber used processing.The high - speed pick machine is not stuck to the wood, the processing without screeching sound, the feeding wheel cast steel, the casting cast iron.low speed round stick machine for the use of the wooden bar to rub a few!
The round rod machine adopt a wide range of materials, the raw materials can be square type, but also the round shape, can also customize the round rod machine of other model. This set of equipment is mainly used for shovel, hoe, daily use of mop and tools and wood of workers and peasants, as well as the furniture decoration and decoration of the circular timber processing.

round stick machine