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How Deal With The Bamboo Barbecue Stick?


Fall is a cool season, whether it's go out to play or travel, is a very good season, no summer heat and winter cold, wearing only a thin coat is very easy, and autumn has many different scenery scenery, also go around the outdoor BBQ outing over the weekend, and it is also a very good choice, to barbecue, of course, to bring their own materials, bamboo barbecue stick machine factory would today to just talk about the barbecue bamboo stick how to deal with.
Barbecue with the bamboo have 15 cm, 20 cm, usually used 25 cm and 35 cm this several specifications, due to the direct contact with the fire, when the barbecue bamboo stick easily by carbonization and even burn out, especially when using a charcoal fire barbecue, because meat fat stood on the bamboo stick, even may be lit. Therefore, it is necessary to use water to soak the water, and the burning point of the water will be increased and it will not be easily lighted. If you wear unsalted meat directly, you can use salt water to soak bamboo sticks. The longer it takes to soak, the longer it takes to soak. Take 20 minutes to 1 hour.
Barbecue and so little knowledge, but also soaked for a period of time before use, to keep the moisture of bamboo stick, not light, use bamboo BBQ, after fire, the fragrance of the meat can bamboo with a faint fragrance, it is also one of the advantages of using bamboo stick a barbecue.

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