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Bamboo Incense Stick Making Machine Manufacturer


Bamboo incense stick making machine are used to produce bamboo incense stick, from original bamboo to finished products. Diameter of bamboo is adjustable from 1-4mm with using different mold.
Automatic feeding bamboo stick and cutting ends, not need to stop the machine to feeding.
Simple operation and adjustable speed
Stable pressure, not block bamboo stick and running smoothly.
1, Above six sets of machines to be one production line, the capacity is about 500kg of sticks.It needs workers of 2-3 person. General, 100kg of moso bamboo, can produce bamboo sticks with diameter of 1.3-4.0mm to 20-40kg. 
2, Working process: 
Raw Bamboo---Sawing---Sharpen---FixThickness and Width---Stick Former---Stick Size Fix---Finished Stick.

incense stick making machine