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Price Of Bamboo Incense Stick Making Machine


This bamboo incense stick making machine is used to make Incense Sticks.
Above six sets of machines to be one production line, the capacity is about 500kg of sticks.It needs workers of 2-3 person. General, 100kg of moso bamboo, can produce bamboo sticks with diameter of 1.3-4.0mm to 20-40kg. 
The materials should be used fresh bamboo.

1. New designation and exquisite appearance.
2.Fixed wide slicer can remove joints and flaten the bamboo pieces both sides. The final bamboo pieces will become smooth and flat.
3. Bamboo incense stick machine can make different diameter stick, and the stick can be round, square and tabular. It is very important machine for toothpick and bamboo skewer stick and incense stick.
4.We will send one set of spare parts and tool box with our whole line machines. 
Note: We also provide larger capacity production line.
We could customize machine for different size sticks.

bamboo incense stick making machine