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What Is The Use Of a Cotton Swab?


As a women's daily makeup is compulsory course for every love beautiful lady, apply eye shadow, lipstick, or wipe skin care products is very easy to leave a mark on his lips, then can swab sticks easily calm and small cotton swabs to its effect, where need to remove the mark of the cotton swab to wipe back and forth, was surprised to find the stain be blotted out.
Scratch is very common in daily life, we don't want that kind of things happen, but can only go to accept, must first to antivirus aseptic processing of wound, iodine volts or hydrogen peroxide can be used to wipe, dip in with wooden cotton swabs take medicines for wound disinfection, avoid infection. Now we use wooden cotton swabs to kill both the infusion and the injection, so it's very common.
Us your ears, ears are hearing organ, we used to listen to the outside world sounds when the ear hearing loss, or ear inflammation, should first think of the presence of earwax, we may take TaoErShao to clear, so not only do harm to the internal structure of the ear, accidentally met ears sensitive organs will also pain, inflammation, so let's use cotton swabs to dig ears, because it has cotton softness, will not have any impact on hearing, also the clean health.

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